Pizza Meccanica

The Experince

At Pizza Meccanica we are all about the experience. Yes of course we pride on making you the best Napolitan Pizza along with our small eats, salads, desserts and drinks, but its more then just that. We aim to make your experience an enjoyable and memorable one, one that you will remember and share with your friends, family and colleagues. Hence this is why we have created a culture with a venue like no other, great vibe, atmosphere, music and not to forget the service.

The Dough

Our Dough is mixed using our imported double arm dough mixer [ braccituffanti ] which is perfect for kneading traditional napolitan dough. We use a combination of 5 Stagioni flour which is a recipe we have mastered to suit our environment. Similarly our water has been specially formulated for our dough. The Sicilian Sea Salt is also imported from Italy to feed and provide the minerals required for the dough to ferment. From there every dough ball is hand made and weighed to ensure consistency and hence every pizza lover experiences the same. Our dough ferments for a minimum of 36-48 hours, to create a nice fluffy, textured flavoursome dough we all love. Every ball is then hand stretched in a specific way to create the soft crust, black charred dots filled wth air pockets inside’ – known as the “cornicione

The Oven

Our Stefano Ferraro Oven, imported from Napoli is as traditional as a Napolitan oven can get. Hand made in Italy using the ash and sand from Mt Vesuvius, is why these ovens stand out from the rest and perform to create a traditional Napolitan Pizza like no other. Flaming between 430 – 450 degrees C, our Pizzas are cooked for no longer then 60-90 seconds just like they should be.

The Sauce

Using only San Marzano tomatoes, also imported from Naples, is what our Napoli sauce is made from. These are the only tomatoes you can get a balance between sweet and acidic mouth full of flavour and punch. As is in most cases, simple is best!

Our Wine

Our wine list is small yet based on Italian varietals that compliments our pizza. However, we also support locals where we can and hence why 99% of our wines on our list are from South Australia. Being a small boutique pizzeria, we rotate our wines by the glass, allowing you to sample a different wine each time you dine.

The Coffee

Just like our pizzas we are serious about our coffee also. The Machine is a Spirit Kes Van Der Westen piece of art that welcomes you on arrival, alongside our Victoria Arduino Mythos Coffee grinder. We use Uptown Coffee [ Roasted By Kicco ] which is a local coffee roaster who takes his coffee just as serious as we do our pizzas. You will experience a full bodied coffee with some punch just like espresso coffee should be. Finish your experience with an espresso, the only way Italians know how to finish their meal!

Our Gelato

Our Gelato is traditionally home made using the greatest and freshest ingredients possible. It is stored in Pozzetti, just like they used to be stored in the early days, where quality, freshness and texture is at its best. Our flavours change just like the seasons, so be sure to see what we have in-store next time you visit.

Group Bookings 10+

For group of 10+ we cater through banquet.
Kindly select one of our sharing experiences from our “we feed you” banquet options.  – oh and don’t worry you wont go home hungry!

Please visit our ‘Group (10+) Bookings‘ page, fill in the enquiry form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you within 24-48hours.